SlimMe: The Best Technology for Body Contouring and Why You Need It

Uncontrollable fat build-up is one of the leading aesthetic issues of aging individuals. Decreased metabolism and pregnancy are the main culprits of this issue. The unappealing changes in the body contours can result in decreased self-esteem and dissatisfaction in one’s appearance. Thus, numerous people are seeking for treatments that can eliminate excess body fat. While…

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Why choose SlimME over other body contouring systems?

Youth is now the dream and everybody desires it. In the world of body contouring for aesthetics, the safest treatments are the non-invasive ones. There are diode lasers and other low-level laser technologies, radio-frequencies, infrared, vacuums, cooling, heating.  Usually there is also micro-needling to deal with stretch marks after. SlimME stands out as it uses…

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SlimMe by Lumenis: A Closer Look

For many years, individuals who have always wanted to lose body fat resorted to surgical and invasive procedures of losing fat. However, many of those who desire to lose body fat are scared of surgery.  Another huge issue is dealing with stretch marks after, so you are looking at treatments like micro-needling. One of the…

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