Best Home Dermaroller

People of a very fast paced 2019, I bring you the most innovative home skincare system of the decade! This home remedy is definitely my favourite. I love it because of its ability to generate results for a variety of different skin conditions. Just to note that while this product is incredible, it cannot be used on certain skin types. (Including but not limited to; acne, eczema, rosacea, skin must be completely free of cold sores for at least 2 weeks, any abnormal skin condition and more.) Throughout this blog. – I am focus on how you can ensure that you are buying the best home dermaroller possible.

This is why I’m a self proclaimed active loyalist of the Image A.D.S Premium Dermaroller which you can get from Havana Skin Clinic .Just click on the link highlighted blue.

Best Home Dermaroller
Dermaroller In Stores

Moving onto how you ensure that your dermaroller is of acceptable quality.

First of all, it should really come from somewhere that specialises in cosmeceutical skincare. When you are using a product that is results driven, you need to have confidence in the source, that they are experts in this area.

Secondly, the above point should cover this but it’s no harm to take point. A set standard for the higher market dermarollers in 540 0.5 mm needles. Any less, I’d be worried to be honest. Less may imply that the needles are not as fine as they need to be to improve the skin and not damage it. 0.5 mm is the max needle depth you can to with home micro needling. The needles should also be titanium.

I would never trust a source that doesn’t provide advice with the dermaroller because it may imply they don’t know a lot about it. Skin conditions that the dermaroller cannot be used with should be should be clearly flagged. Havana Skin Clinic have done this numerous times throughout their blogs and following social media channels which implies that their main focus is skin health and not making an extra buck.

I hope you liked this blog guys, my aim as always is to spread the knowledge I attain on skin health and wealth and hopefully provide an interesting read. 🙂 If you missed my last one, you can catch it here! It’s relevant for so many of us as it discuss’ stretch mark reduction. Did you know that an estimated 80% of people world wide suffer with stretch marks? … Well now you do. 😉

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