Best Dermaroller

Hi guys, Aisling here again looking at the best dermaroller. Now, you may think that the title to this blog is slightly basic and perhaps even borderline on bad English. I have my reasons though! As a content writer and a over of this bog, I’m slightly mortified to use a title such as the above, however it’s what you’re all searching! It’s no secret that I am obsessed with the dermaroller and so are you! This magical beauty tool has just taken off and due to the fact that is covered in needles, people are being cautious as you should be. In an attempt to answer not only direct questions I receive but potential one, I had a look at the most widely search terms in relation to the dermaroller and you guessed it, the above is one!

That’s great and all Ash but what does it mean?

I have a point and I’m getting to it! You want to know what the best dermaroller is to buy. I’m guessing you’re also wondering what makes a good dermaroller, so god damn good? Right? I thought so 😉 As always, I turned to the guys in Havana Skin Clinic in order to answer this. They are a leading laser and skin clinic chain in Dublin and they specialise in micro needling in clinic and at home. They just launched their very own premium dermaroller called the Image A.D.S.

Best Dermaroller
Dermaroller How To Use

Havana Skin Clinic’s check list when buying a Dermaroller:

That the needles are titanium.

The needles must be a safe length for home needling. (max = 0.5mm.) 

It comes from a reliable source. 

Look at reviews! See what other customers are saying about the product. 

Look at reviews! See what other customers are saying about the product.

The amount of needles. The needles need to be extra fine to carry out safe and effective at home micro needling. For example the Image A.D.S has 540 as they are extra fine and there’s room for that many on the head of the roller.   

The dermaroller should be advertised with extensive information on what it does for your skin and how to use it. If it doesn’t, you might be viewing one from an unreliable source. 

Taken directly from Havana Skin Clinic’s Official Website

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