Best Dermaroller For Stretch Marks

Hi Everyone! Aisling here again talking all things stretch mark reduction. Now, you may have read the title and thought that this one is strictly for girls, right? Wrong! While 90% of women reportedly suffer with stretch marks, it’s reported that 80% of people world wide suffer with stretch marks. Yes that’s right, male and female. Today, I’m going to be looking at what the causes are and what is the best dermaroller for stretch marks.

As always guys, I only source the facts from trustworthy sources which is why I turned to Havana Skin Clinic when obtaining the facts for this blog.

Best Dermaroller For Stretch Marks
Dermaroller 0.5

Causes of Stretch Marks:

  • The first one is Striae rubrae: Pink / red stretch marks
  • Secondly, Striae albae: White stretch marks
  • Thirdly, Striae gravidarum: Stretch marks which occur as a result of pregnancy.
  • Fourth, Striae nigrae: Dark grey or black stretch marks (usually applicable to darker complexion skin types).
  • Fifth, Striae caerulea: Dark blue / purplish stretch marks (also applicable to those with darker complexions).
  • And lastly, Striae atrophicans: Thinned skin associated with stretch marks – this may develop in those with Cushing’s syndrome, due to the prolonged use of corticosteroids or after a surgical procedure.

At Home Micro Needling Using the Dermaroller:

The dermaroller is a fixed needle depth of 0.5 mm. It can be used on the body. It will not inflict results as quickly as in clinic micro needling, however can generate results when used consistently. Given the shorter needle depth, it requires more of your time and energy but can be done from home. It’s also a fraction of the cost of in clinic micro needling. 

My last blog outlined what to look out for when sourcing a dermaroller, you should check it out! At home micro needling and micro needling in clinic for that matter is an incredible treatment but it must be done safely with the best equipment.

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