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Premium Dermaroller

The Dermaroller – Sagging Neck Area  Hi Guys, Aisling here again with everything Dermaroller. You know the drill, as I extend my knowledge on this incredible product, I share it with you. I still can’t get over how many benefits this device has to offer. I’ve also just learned that  Havana Skin Clinic have launched…

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Fungal Nail Infection Nail Polish

fungal nail infection nail polish

Fungal Nail Infection – Nail Polish. Can you use it. Are you embarrassed about a fungal nail infection and thinking a nail polish will cover it up. But is it doing more harm than good?. Lets find out.  Firstly if you are new here lets talk about what nail fungus is. Nail fungus is a common…

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Fungal nail infection laser treatment

fungal nail infection laser treatment

Fungal nail infection laser treatment – How long & how much per session. I am back to talk to you guys about laser treatment for a fungal nail infection specifically how long it takes to treat and the price of it.  Nail fungus can damage the nails both its physical and deeper portions. It can…

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Fungal Nail Infection Pregnant

fungal nail infection pregnant

Fungal Nail Infection Pregnant. Is it serious and can you still have treatment while pregnant. Well I am here to talk about fungal nail infection if you are pregnant or breast feeding Anyone can have fungi-infected nails. Nail fungus is a common disease that can affect young and old individuals. Even pregnant or breastfeeding women…

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Fungal Nail Infection – Prevention

Fungal Nail Infection Prevention  Fungal Nail Prevention and how to prevent it. Hi Everyone, Aisling here again continuing on with my latest blog series on Fungal Nail Infection and prevention measures. Although, no doubt, laser treatment for the nail fungi can effectively kill the organisms causing the disease, it’s likely that the fungi will recur,…

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Fungal Nail Infection Treatment Options

fungal nail infection- treatment options

Fungal Nail Infection treatment options! You might be thinking will my nails look normal again after treatment. Well lets get straight into it and find out. Nail fungus infection can severely damage the appearance of the nails. People with nail fungus may have nails that are yellowish, brittle, which usually crumbles and turn rough. Some…

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Fungal Nail Infection – Natural Treatments

fungal nail infection natural treatments apple_Cider_Vinegar

Fungal nail infection is such a common disease but there are so many natural treatments available. But do they work? Stay tuned and find out whether they are worth your time or not. Aisling here again guys and as you probably well know by now I have focused a lot of my attention recently on Fungal…

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Fungal Nail Infection – Treating Thick Toenails

treating thick toenails

Treating thick toenails? Treating thick toenails is the topic of today. My name’s Aisling and for those of you who are new to this blog, welcome! Secondly when I explore an area, I do so with great detail and only source the information from established sources! While writing this blog series, I turned to Havana Skin…

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Fungal Nail Infection – thick toenails

Walk Away from Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal Nail Infection & thick toenails?? Hi Everyone, Aisling here again continuing on with my latest blog series on Fungal Nail Infection & today it is about a topic of thick toe nails. Thick toenails may appear harmless, but it could be a sign of an underlying nail condition. If you have an abnormally thick…

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Dermaroller – Used Safely

Use a Gently Face Wash

Hi Guys, Aisling here again continuing on with my blog series, exploring everything there is to do with the dermaroller. This blog is focusing on exactly how to use the dermaroller safely. If you follow some simple guidelines, you can generate some incredible results, however I do say that if you have any major skin…

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