So today I’m going to be reviewing the Image Skincare Ageless Total Repair Cream. What I do is I help women to be confident and not criticize themselves when they don’t have makeup on. Especially mothers with children because we have busy lives so we don’t always have the opportunity to take that 15 to 30 in the morning to apply all the makeup on.

So most of the times something’s gonna pop up where we need to run out the door with no makeup on so it’s just really comfortably by taking a few simple steps in your skin cavity in the sour cream is a very results-driven drives and paraffin free night repair cream which I guess gives you the clinical results that you desire.

Ageless Total Repair

Using this product at home. It contains 20 percent blend of glycolic acid and retinol which will work on speeding up your cell turnover and renewal alongside healing antioxidants like Sheberburer and Hyaluronic filler which will work on resurfacing your skin and repairing it overnight. When you first get introduced to this product it can cause some mild irritation and redness to the skin which is perfectly normal.

All this is is the result of how effective this process is in your skin when it’s regenerating your skin and thus subsides as soon as your skin gets used to the product and starts to tolerate the product. So the product should be used at night time only and slowly increase in this to daily use it is suitable for anybody who suffers from dry, dehydrated , hyper-pigmented skin or mature skin or just as a general anti-ageing method as part of your home care regime and it’s going to leave your skin visually looking firmer more even skin tones and skin tones and glowing.

So I would highly recommend this product to all skin types except for anybody who has super sensitive skin and might be a little harsh so in this case you could use a milder blend of glycolic because this one would contain 20 percent so you could probably step it down to a product that contains only 15 percent like the resurfacing mask which I leave in the link below this video.

Ageless Total Repair

So for anybody who has uneven skin tone or suffers with hyperpigmentation this product is going to do exactly what I try to help people with so I help mothers to feel comfortable when leaving the house in the morning if they’re dropping their kids to school to not feel embarrassed or criticise themselves if they haven’t had time to put makeup on or if you need to all of a sudden leave the house when something just my crop up like it always does because I know from being a mother myself with 3 children you just don’t have the time to put 15 minutes or even if it’s only five minutes to apply makeup if you need to dash out so there’s always something going to crop up. So to help you to feel comfortable in your own skin by taking a few simple little steps to maintain your skin and putting a little bit of time and care into it at home within a matter of weeks your skin is going to look and feel much better so that you then will have the confidence to leave the house without applying any makeup on or to apply less makeup than what you’re used to applying on your skin. So I hope this video has helped if you have any questions let me know and as always feel beautiful, be happy. Confidence is key.

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