DermaPlump – A Bigger Better Beard.

DermaPlump, DermaPlump, DermaPlump! Aisling here again guys and as you probably well know by now, I just cannot get enough of the DermaPlump. I have well and truly explored this product from every angle possible and for good reason! It just poses so many benefits to the skin and is so cost effective that how could we not obsess over it. Not to mention, it’s such a simple product. To finish up our DermaPlump saga, I wanted to explore it more from a wider perspective which is why I took to YouTube to explore reviews and tutorials of this product from a variety of skin types and concerns.

As always, I never share information with you that hasn’t been sourced from a recognised establishment which is why I sourced all of the information I’ve blogged about on the DermaPlump and micro needling in general from Havana Skin Clinic.

Following the blogs I wrote on the DermaPlump, I had a look back in order to establish areas where I could of elaborated a little bit further which brings to my final piece on this amazing time turning, magic wand that is the DermaPlump.

DermaPlump plumps skin and lips and promotes beard growth

DermaPlump plumps skin and lips and promotes beard growth

The DermaPlump stimulates beard growth.

DermaPlump- Collagen Induction Therapy

The At Home Micro Needling Kit – The DermaPlump

When the DermaPlump is run over facial hair, it can stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth in that area. It can be really good for people who have patchy beards or just don’t have an overall tick beard or just want a Big Better Beard! With beards becoming more and more popular over the last 3 years, it’s another thing that makes this product even more attractive.

You do not need numbing cream or painkillers when carrying out this treatment.

The needles are 0.5 mm which makes them perfect for at home micro needling. With micro needling treatment found in laser and skin clinics like Havana Skin Clinic you would have your facial area numbed prior to treatment. This is because their needles are done by an qualified laser and skin specialist using a 1.5 mm needles. You could not carry out this treatment at home for a couple of reasons. Firstly, one being that it would be too painful. Secondly, you could hurt yourself as the needles are big enough do do damage if not controlled by a professional skin specialist who is qualified and trained in micro needling. With the derma Plump however, you couldn’t harm your skin unless you rolled too close to your eyes.

The Derma Roller will improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Using the DermaPlump over stretch marks has the ability to reduce their appearance. The same principle applies that it’s promoting your bodies natural healing ability to repair the skin after minor trauma and in turn improving their appearance.
We could talk about the benefits this product poses on our skin all day. The reality it is in an all rounder for everything except any skin conditions that are active.

Do not use the DermaPlump over active skin conditions.

Active Acne.

You can Derma Role your skin if you have a couple of active spots. Make sure to go around them and make sure that the DermaPlump does not touch any of the infected area.
Do not use the DermaPlump over active rosacea.

It has the ability to help mild rosacea but should never be used over active rosacea.

If you are using it over mild rosacea, you should consult a skincare specialist before doing so. Also, ensure to give it at least 14 days after using it the first time while doing so with care. In a nutshell, You don’t want to make your skin worst while trying to make it better.

Cold sores.

Cold sores are an active wound which cannot be derma rolled. If you suffer from a cold sore, it is suggested that you wait at least 14 days after the cold sore has completely disappeared to use your DermaPlump to avoid the chance of spreading any infection.

To conclude guys, I think I’ve literally left no stone unturned when it comes to the DermaPlump! For those of you who’ve been following these blogs, you’ll know that I’ve explored this product from every angle. Although it poses a multitude of benefits to the skin, it cannot be used over certain skin conditions and this is something you should certainly explore before purchasing and using this product. For instance, the DermaPlump cannot be used over active rosacea outlined in one of my previous blogs here: Thanks to everyone for reading and for all of the specialists at Havana skin Clinic for answering all of my questions and providing me with extensive information and education on the DermaPlump and skin care in general. 

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