Avoid 5 DermaPlump Mistakes

Avoid 5 DermaPlump Mistakes

1)Do not use the DermaPlump over Raised Scars.

While we all know that using the derma rolling can improve the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles but this is not the case for raised scars. You can’t use it over a raise scar as you have nerves in a them.

2)Products Not to Use when Cleaning Your DermaPlump.

How to Clean Your DermaPlump
While cleaning your DermaPlump, you must do so with isopropyl alcohol, not barbicide or Witch Hazel as these products are not strong enough. Isopropyl alcohol will remove all impurities and oils from the roller and avoid the spread of possible infection. Check out one our previous blogs on How to Clean Your DermaPlump

3)Do not use active ingredients before, during or after using your DermaPlump.

The more natural products are better for application following the DermaPlump as you are creating tiny little holes in your skin which results in maximised absorption of product. With this, you cannot apply any products with active ingredients as they’re simply too harsh on the skin. Always read the ingredients of the products you are using for application for speak to a skincare specialist and seek advice.


4)Be careful if you are using the DermaPlump for specific skin concerns.

If you are using the DermaPlump for a specific skin concern, do not use it too often especially if you are using it to treat acne scarring or mild rosacea. Perhaps use it every 2 weeks to give yourself time to ensure that it is working and you’re not over doing it possibly creating damage. Again, seeking advice from a skincare specialist would be advised.


5)Ensure that you are apply the Roller Correctly.

While rolling the DermaPlump over your skin remember, it’s not designed to curve, it’s only designed to go up and down. So while applying the DermaPlump roll in a criss-cross pattern as suggested by Caroline from Havana Skin Clinic

Caroline – Director/Trainer/Laser and Skincare Specialist – Havana Skin Clinic